Monday, November 12, 2012

A Position Waits for You

I was looking through some old photos from my collection and found one I don't remember seeing before. This is a family friend, Jane Reed. She grew up with my grandpa and was another grandma to me.

I love the combo of her perfect outfit and the employment agency sign. I have to imagine that she was going for a job interview or heading to work when she cleverly decided to have this snapshot taken, but who knows? I would guess that this was taken around 1940.

I may have to use a copy of this photo in a collage piece somehow. It really made me smile to find it.


Rebeka said...

Love it! I love finding old pictures like this and wow... wouldn't it be nice to see signs like this today when so many people are out of work and looking? Great find!

Amanda Laughtland said...

Thanks, Rebeka. I love this photo! And yes, I wish there were positions waiting for the many people who want them. Sigh.