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A little poem about keys

Familiar Easy to grow attached to the feel of their curves and notches, every day their same weight in our fingers. How long can we last without changing the locks? Shall we wear ourselves smooth as house keys held for years in front pockets? * I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at Poetry Blogs .

Another Hay(na)ku

Made this little hay(na)ku card the other night with images and text from a Better Homes & Gardens book on flower arranging.

Often Replaced

Often Replaced Originally uploaded by Mandy L. Of the collage/poetry pieces I've done lately, I like this one the best. The image is from a magazine ad I painted over with some cream-colored paint. This is collaged onto a piece of a cereal box, around 4x4 inches in size.

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Another Poem and Collage

More text from an old Family Circle and image from a book of photos of Washington. I like this image of the road so much that I really didn't want to alter it in any way, so it seemed like a good idea just to shape a tiny poem for it.

A Collage and a Poem

Two tiny stanzas of hay(na)ku, collaged onto a trading-card-sized piece of recycled paperboard. The text is from a 1941 issue of The Family Circle, and the images are from a book of pictures of Washington state and a magazine that I painted over.

Poem for Daylight Savings Time

This one's untitled. By "fire horse," I mean the Chinese zodiac element and animal. I know a few fire horses, but I'm thinking of one in particular here. :) Your fiery nature might burn low, oh, but never burns out, dearest fire horse, pedaling your bicycle uphill out of winter, into spring again.