Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Exercise in My Online Collage Class

So I decided to spend some money on myself (a pretty rare thing--I usually only buy myself stuff like secondhand books and thrift store t-shirts), and I'm taking an online collage class with an artist named Randel Plowman. I first learned about his work a few years back from my friend Wendy who referred me to his blog called A Collage a Day. He has written a great collage exercise/workbook, too. And I just plain like his work, which is a good thing to look for in an instructor, I'd say.

It's funny because I teach online classes all the time (really the only time I'm not teaching online is for a week or two between quarters), but I've hardly ever taken any classes online. In fact, I can only think of one online class I've taken (which was a class about how to teach online). It's cool to see how someone else teaches an artistic class in an online format. And I've been wanting to take an art class again--it's been several years since I've taken one.

The first assignment for the collage class was to do "five minute collages," where you gather your materials and then spend just five minutes making a small collages (somewhere around three inches by five inches). I tore a sheet of watercolor paper into four pieces, and I made two little collages tonight.

The versions here are cropped a bit--the originals have some torn edges, which is a look that I like but which is hard to represent very well in photos (I don't have a scanner hooked up right now). On the second one, I'm trying to decide if I'm OK with trimming off the text or not: the text in the lower left reads "THIS GIRL IS IN TROUBLE!". Maybe one of these days I'll get a scanner set up and try some different things with uploading and editing images...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little Poem from My Neighborhood

Well, I've been writing in my journal now and then (and writing things for work), but I haven't worked on a poem in a very long time--a few months anyway, but who's counting?

I finally did draft something. I almost called it "An Appreciation" as it's in appreciation of the man who sells Real Change outside the post office on Greenwood Avenue. But then I figured my appreciation was clear.

In Front of the Post Office

"Hello, queen," sings the man
who sells newspapers. You wouldn't think

I'd be so charmed, but who else
greets me this way? When I leave

with my paper, I never hear
another customer receive the greeting

I almost believe he keeps for me.