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Inspiration for Writers

I wrote an article called "You Already Know How to Write" with the hopes of publishing it on a blog I follow, but the editor felt the piece was too writing-specific for her site. So I decided to post it on EzineArticles. Especially after my experience with the proofreading article circulating online, I thought it would be fun to see if other writers decide to share the article from the EzineArticles site. Here's a link to the article, if you'd like to read my thoughts on acknowledging the writing you do and self-identifying as a writer . By the way, if you are a writer and/or visual artist based in the greater Seattle area, you are invited to submit to Between the Lines , the annual student-edited literary/arts magazine of Edmonds Community College. I'm the faculty adviser for the magazine; the students make all the editorial decisions! The magazine includes a mix of student work and work from local writers and artists. Feel free to ask me if you'd like more

Who Doesn't Like Proofreading?

So I've been writing some little articles to post on, a website which hosts all sorts of content on all sorts of topics. The site gets good traffic, so it's a way to share my work and hopefully encourage people to check out other projects of mine online (like this blog or my Etsy shop , etc). I've written four articles so far. With the first three, I haven't received any feedback beyond a Facebook "like" or two. Now with the fourth article, I've received two emails in one night from people I've never met, and both of the people are telling me how helpful the article is. Go figure. It's an article about five strategies for proofreading your own work , based on ideas I've suggested to students (and probably most--if not all--of these ideas were suggested to me at one time or another by other writing teachers). I do think the strategies are useful, so maybe I've provided a public service to the writers of the world by pulli