Friday, May 10, 2013

Feeling Tired and a Poem about Vigorous Good Health

I've been meaning to post to this blog, but I've been very tired. Turns out that the iron stores in my body are very low. By 5pm or so, I'm pretty much done for the day lately. Well, I'm taking iron supplements and trying to eat more iron-rich foods, and hopefully I'll have rebuilt my iron supply soon; I'm being conservatively optimistic in my hopes because I've read that this can take several months!

On that note, here's a poem I drafted recently about taking vitamins.

Unseen Needs of the Whole Family

To grow taller, to resist
sickness, to miss less school,
to have stronger bones and more

endurance, to feel tip-top,
to have good appetite and digestion,
to prolong your useful years,

to meet the stress and strain of life,
to help build good red blood,
to prevent deposits of fat

in the liver, to prevent fragility
of the capillaries, to promote
sound nerves, to have lots of energy,

to feel less depressed and lonely,
to meet the dietary needs of those
who have poor teeth,

to read about vitamins
and what they will do for you
to maintain vigorous good health.