Saturday, February 16, 2013

Experience Music Project

On Thursday, I visited the EMP for the first time ever. I'd like to say that I've already written a poem about Kurt Cobain's cardigan sweater and fragments of a guitar that Jimi Hendrix destroyed because he wanted to sacrifice something he loved, but I've been catching up on work rather than writing.

By the way, if you ever visit the EMP, be sure to buy your tickets online because the price is $5 cheaper per ticket that way, $15 instead of $20.

It's weird seeing all the stuff about Nirvana in a museum because it feels like seeing an exhibit about your neighbors who suddenly became famous. There are Polaroids and other photos that band members and their friends took; you see these young guys sitting on their friends' couches, etc. There are handwritten set lists, and lyrics on notebook paper in ballpoint pen. There's a drawing of Ronald Reagan that Kurt Cobain drew in art class as a teenager. It feels like an exhibit about people you know--former students or old friends from school.

It's pretty bittersweet going to the EMP because you celebrate talent and recognize loss at the same time.


Rebeka said...

That sounds super cool. You know, I live about 20 minutes from The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Museum (downtown Cleveland, OH) and it has been here since 1995 and I have *NEVER* been to it. I thought the price was too expensive when it opened and now it REALLY is... LOL! Both of my kids have been to it several times on field trips for school. I've only been down there to the gift shop and that's it. I need to go to it, though. I would love to go to this EMP! I love so many bands from Seattle!!!!!!!

Amanda Laughtland said...

Maybe you can get some kind of deal on tickets to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Museum? They used to run a deal for the EMP if you had AAA membership. I'm glad I finally went to the EMP--and especially glad I caught the Nirvana exhibit before it closed!