Monday, October 15, 2012

Goodbye, Summer

It's sunny this morning as I look out the window, but it's supposed to return to heavy rain later. I guess we have to admit that the long, long summer is finally over. It was the perfect Seattle summer for me--sunny, but not too hot. I took the picture above at Lopez Island in June. The Spencer Spit state campground there is great: you can camp right at the beach. Not that I can say I'm a real camper, but hey, I did stay at two different campgrounds this summer.

I started working on some poems inspired by camping/backcountry hiking manuals and really should return to working on them. Here's one of those poems. Thanks to NAP for originally publishing it.

Sharing Your Gear

You plan to walk together
at the same pace, but what if

you get separated? Carry gear
you can use by yourself

just in case--the person with the tent
has poles and all; the person

with soup has a pot. Before you marry
your skillet to your partner's stove

commit to staying together
the length of the trip.


wendy lee lynds said...

i admit it.
i have goosebumps!
yes, to this poem.
(especially about camping - you adventuresome you!)

Amanda Laughtland said...

Thanks for the comment! I really like the new layout of your website. :)