Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Found on HuffPost Teen

I didn't even know HuffPost had a page geared toward teens, but you learn something every day. I enjoyed their list of things teens on Twitter can't live without. Here's another found poem inspired by trending topics on the web.


It's been a hard week.
Good things I can't live without:
music, friends, movies,
my hairdryer, and my parents.
I feel grateful for cereal.


Rebeka said...

This is great! I wish more of this age group would get creative and write. They have so much talent just waiting to come out. My daughter is a wonderful poet and she just won't write. However, she has a semi-new boyfriend and has now written two poems. Ah, what love can do.... :)

Amanda Laughtland said...

Maybe Twitter is encouraging teenagers to write, albeit in very tiny increments? ;)

I hope your daughter keeps up the poem-writing!