Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Issue of My Tiny Zine

Yesterday, I did the cutting-and-pasting process of laying out issue 14 of Teeny Tiny. I'd had the written content ready for a while, but I hadn't managed to finish the zine! Well, it takes a little concentration, as I like to find a nice combo of images to go along with the writing I'm publishing, and this issue contains work from seven different writers.

I used a selection of bits and pieces from two vintage issues of Hit Parader magazine from the 1950s. Have you ever seen old issues of this magazine? Basically they printed the lyrics to popular songs and then also included some profiles of pop stars and maybe some articles with tips on beauty and so on. The magazines have some fun little advertisements, especially toward the back, with illustrations that are just the right size for my zine.

I also used a couple of pictures cut from a book on the solar system I bought at the thrift store some time ago to use for the greeting cards I make with images of the moon and sun and stars and so on. Interestingly, the poems in this new issue of the zine mention the moon and sun and stars as well--it wasn't a thematic intention, but something I noticed as I was gluing the poems into place. While one poem focuses on the "super moon" we experienced earlier this year, the other poems just mention celestial elements.

Well, if you'd like a copy of issue 14 of Teeny Tiny, you can order one through my Etsy shop. I'll surely send you something else along with the zine, like a copy of another tiny publication or a magnet or who knows what...?


Rebeka said...

Amanda -

This sounds so cool. I just ordered one! I love all things astronomy and music, so I'm very excited to add this to my collection!!

Out of curiosity, besides subscribing via email, is there any way to follow your blog?

Have a great night!

Amanda Laughtland said...

Thanks for ordering the zine! I hope you like it!

If you have an RSS reader, you should be able to follow my blog using it. Hmm, is there another widget for following blogs that you suggest I add? If so, I can add it. :)

Rebeka said...

Yes, there's the follow widget under layout (add a gadget) called "Followers". I have never used RSS, but I don't want you to use the followers one just for me. It's just easier for me because when I log in to blogger, I can see all the new posts and go to the ones I wish to read, like yours :)

I can't wait to receive the zine!!! :)

Amanda Laughtland said...

I sent you an astronomy-themed card, too.

I have the followers widget set up on my beekeeping blog but not on this one, so I know just what you mean now. I will add it.

Laura-Marie said...

Hello! I got the zines in the mail and was very happy. Thanks for helping the world with poetry!