Saturday, November 3, 2012


Here are some samples of the magnets I've been making. I probably sold 20 of them at the Short Run small press fest today, but I need a better display for them. Right now I display them on a couple of vintage metal cans. I need like a metal sheet or something. Anyway, it's hard to get a good photo of them since they are so tiny and because of how the glass marbles reflect light, but so it goes.

If you want to make your own magnets, here's a good magnet-making tutorial. The author of the tutorial uses a special silicone glue, but I've always used Elmer's white glue, and it works well. Glue sticks don't work well for this project, by the way. Also, the author doesn't use cardstock backings for her magnets, but I highly recommend using cardstock as I think you get a clearer, smoother image (and the black magnet doesn't show through the sometimes thin magazine paper). I often use stickers instead of magazine paper for these, and stickers work GREAT--this gives you the perfect excuse to buy cool stickers. I use images from my collection of old magazines and comic books for these, too.


Jenny said...

Just reading through your blog and found this post. I make these magnets too and I display them on these framed metal shingles. You're welcome to use the idea if you'd like. It's on my blog here:


Amanda Laughtland said...


Thanks for this great idea. I've been looking to improve my magnet display, and this could be just the thing. :)

Best to you,