Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two Tiny Poems

Dear Blog-Friends, I haven't forgotten you, but I haven't been writing much poetry because of needing to write assignment sheets instead and also because of grading papers. Here are two very tiny poems, which, you never know, could become part of something bigger about "road trips" as I'm always wanting to write more about road trips since I do try and write in my notebook whenever we drive somewhere and stay in a motel...

And speaking of tiny poems, I'm collecting short poems for a mini-anthology called Poems for Your Pocket, with a submissions deadline of March 28. I plan to hand out the anthologies for free at the college on Poem In Your Pocket Day, so send me tiny poems if you want to participate.

After Mountains

An ancient restaurant
perched over a river--
let’s stop for root beer.


Interstate 5

My fingers hurt
from the cold and damp
and from driving.


beth coyote said...

What constitutes a tiny poem? Word count? Number of lines? Just checked your blog, you are one busy gal!!!

Amanda Laughtland said...

For the Pocket anthology, I am just looking for stuff that's 8 lines or less--basically it has to fit on a tiny page. :) I will be putting it together next week but am taking submissions for a couple more days if you're interested!